Saturday, March 3, 2007

surah alfatiha verse# 6

اهدِنَا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ ﴿1:6
(1:6) Direct us on to the Straight Way *8,

*8. We beseech God to guide us in all walks of life to a way which is absolutely true, which provides us with a properly-based outlook and sound principles of behaviour, a way which will prevent our succumbing to false doctrines and adopting unsound principles of conduct, a way that will lead us to our true salvation and happiness. This is man's prayer to God as he begins the study of the Qur'an. It is, in short, to illuminate the truth which he often tends to lose in a labyrinth of philosophical speculation; to enlighten him as to which of the numerous ethical doctrines ensures a sound course of conduct; to show which of the myriad ways and by-ways is the clear, straight, open road of sound belief and right behaviour.


Chet said...

I am so happy for you sister that you are able to post, I may not comment much but you can believe I will be reading everything you post. I know of no better way to spend my spare time than reading your blog. Thank you.

mortalmuslim said...

Assalamoaliekum brother
plz dunt mind but i would like to mention that as now u are Muslim u SHOULD write assalamoaliekum and say this 2 every Muslim.It means "blessings be upon u" isnt it better to send blessing to ur muslim brothers and sisters inshteach of saying hi or hello which doesnt have any meaning!!
I am very happy for u chet yeah inshallah I will keep posting!

Chet said...

assalamoaliekum sister

No I don't mind, I still have much to learn and do and I really appreciate this. Thank you.

mortalmuslim said...

waliekum salam
ur welcome!